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Doug Owen


As a result of a sudden life crisis I found

myself in a place I never expected.  After 33 years of full-time ministry, I was depressed and addicted.  Even worse, I was isolated.  After hitting rock bottom, I came to the realization that spiritual and emotional health were inseparable. I now understand my spiritual journey was being held hostage by my emotional immaturity and my inability to connect with anyone.  My desire is to help men by calling them to be whole and holy.  I believe this is impossible without spiritual and relational health. To hear the details of my story click here


We understand one approach cannot meet every man's needs. So, we have designed three primary environments for men to grow.  From the group setting to one on one, there is a place for you.


Even lions are vulnerable if they are alone.  Isolation is one of the most damaging habits for men. Our group approach links lions to lions.


No time for meetings or groups?  We get it.  Life can get busy.  We can still help you with interpretation and connection around whatever you are facing through digital consults.



We believe every man's story is critical.  Every man has something to offer.  Every man deserves the help needed in interpreting his story.  In fact, many times his life depends on it.  Running with Lions  exists to lead men into authentic, Christ-centered community.  Click the button below to learn more about what this looks like.

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