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Life Can Be Hard For Men

Life can be very hard for men. We know how frustrating it can be to feel like you don't have direction. It can feel very discouraging when your relationships are not where they could be and you feel like you lack a sense of purpose. We know how empty it can feel to lack peace. We have found that many men do not know what they want. They have lost their courage and lack the emotional awareness to be the Conquerors God has called them to be. Instead, they wander through life just getting by and feeling purposeless and stuck.

At Running with Lions we want to help you find your purpose. RWL Life coaching will help you become self-aware and healthy enough to ask the question "What do I want?

RWL Life coaching will help you become bold enough to take action and take control of your life.

RWL Life coaching will help you reclaim your destiny as a conqueror.

Our Mission

RWL Life Coaching will help you


-Identify the person you want to be

-Set and achieve goals

-Find a path forward to becoming who you were meant to be

-Get unstuck in life

-Break free from addictions and unhealthy habits

-Identify relationship issues

-Strengthen relationships

-Identify emotional baggage

-Move down the path towards becoming

the Conqueror God called you to be

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